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Sony World Photography Award

Last year I was no. 1 …. this year I have to “settle” with a 2nd place in the national competition (Denmark & Island) in the world’s largest photo competition Sony World Photography Award. It’s a great feeling to be awarded again…there are so many great images among the participating pictures.
In return, my image, “Orange and Blue” was selected to be among the 50 best architecture pictures. It puts undeniably some pressure on my shoulders for the competition next year.
The photo was taken with my FujiFilm X100Torange-1

Zen moment

Some times things just add up and you get the perfect picture… can call it a kind of zen moment. Had one of those moments with my FujiFilm X100T at Halskov when I was photographing the sunset over Storebælt bridge.

Suddenly I turned around and saw that the cliff was all red from the sunset…and along with the contrast to the dark sky and sea it created a nearly surrealistic picture when the moment happens where the hole in the clouds passes the little bush on top of the cliff.
And no…I didn’t get my feet wet 🙂