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Trying out a full Fujifilm setup at motorsport

At this years Classic Race Aarhus I decided to try out a full Fujifilm gear setup instead of my normal Canon setup. There was 2 reasons to do this: First of all i’m in the market so to speak for at new camera system and since i’m very happy shooting with my FujiFilm X100T it is natural for me to try out some other cameras within the Fujifilm range.
Secondly I wanted to test if Fujifilm was able to do motorsports pictures. I have seen a lot of outbursts on the internet that Fujifilm is no good at action orientated sports.
I’ve been shooting at Classic Race Aarhus ( for 4 years and my setup last year was the following: Canon 5D mk3 Canon 300mm f2,8 Canon 16-35 f2,8 Tamron 24-70 and the Canon 70-200 f/4.
This year I spoke with Ib Thordal From Fujifilm Danmark and asked if it was possible to get my hands on a Fujifilm setup for this event. And as always Ib was positive and ready to help. The only hurdle was that the X-Pro2 just had been released so it was difficult to get  the gear for the weekend.


The setup for Classic Race Aarhus (Iphone6 photo)

Fortunately there are some great photo dealers in Denmark and after Ib had made a couple of phone calls things added up.
Robert Jacobsen from Mimosa Foto in Aarhus ( ) had some gear that I could use the whole weekend.
The setup was: X-Pro2, X-T1 (my own X100T), FUJINON TELECONVERTER XF 1.4X, FUJINON XF 10-24 MM F/4, FUJINON XF 35MM F/2, FUJINON XF 50-140 MM F/2,8 and the FUJINON XF 100-400 F/ 4.5-5.6
I didn’t use all the gear but more about that later 🙂

Zen moment

Some times things just add up and you get the perfect picture… can call it a kind of zen moment. Had one of those moments with my FujiFilm X100T at Halskov when I was photographing the sunset over Storebælt bridge.

Suddenly I turned around and saw that the cliff was all red from the sunset…and along with the contrast to the dark sky and sea it created a nearly surrealistic picture when the moment happens where the hole in the clouds passes the little bush on top of the cliff.
And no…I didn’t get my feet wet 🙂