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A couple of weeks ago I had to have service done on one of our cars. As we happen to have our service done by the car dealer of which our son-in-law is a co-owner, it is often possible to get a loan car a little out of the ordinary. This time I was lucky enough to borrow the new Land Rover Defender. Specifically a Defender 110 D240 “First edition”.

This car is the re-invention of the classic well known Defender. I know many people do not consider this Defender to be a “real” Defender. It is too refined, not rough enough it can not be repaired with a hammer and a roll of duct tape. Some go so far as to call it the “Land Rover Pretender”.
I will partly agree with these people. It is not the same as the old model …. but it is a great car anyway.
…. and yes, my dream car is one of the old Defenders, a 110 Crew cab which has been slightly rebuilt ….. I have a clear vision of the car in my head 😉

But this is not a car review!! This is a carlover with a camera on a small road trip in a fancy new car so not so much writing from now on….and more photos!!

A night out

I picked up the car in the afternoon and had planned to drive out to a highway bridge when it got dark. I know a great spot for car photography that I have used before

Unfortunately it started to rain just as I reached the bridge and after 15 minutes of waiting I gave up and turned the car home. On the way back I came past this gas station and it was obvious to take a few pictures there …. especially since the the X fits me with a X camera from Fujifilm 🙂
All photos are shot with a X-T2 + the 16-55mm f/2,8 and the 50-140mm f/2,8

The road trip

The next morning it was time to get out on the road ….. and on the beach. I had planned for the trip to go from the home address and out to Rømø on the west coast of Jutland.
Here is the opportunity to drive down to the beach itself which I thought could give some interesting photos of the car.
Unfortunately the weather was not the best …. pretty gray so at least there was no possibility to make any dramatic cloud pictures with the car.

I started by taking some photos at home in our courtyard to “warm up” for the day.

On the way to Rømø I passed a small forest where I could park the car. Took only a few single pictures as the possibilities to vary were limited. Instead, I tried to make a few different edits to the files when I got home.
You can get very different expressions in the individual photos depending on which editor you choose. However, I chose to go with the muted greenish toning of the images most of the time as I think it fit the car well.

On the beach

When I arrived at the beach I spent a few hours shooting photos at different angles of the car which can be seen below.


Before returning home, I drove around the island a bit. I saw a couple of F16 fighters from the Danish Air Force who were on shooting training. But I also found an old disused factory where I got a couple of urbex photos of the car as the last ones.