At the moment here in Denmark we have some foggy mornings…..but since I’m not a morning person I don’t have many of those kind of photos.

But I was inspired by my good friend Anders Keis Hansen who did some great photos from Aalborg Harbour last week (see his cover picture on FB)
So…..this morning I went down to “my” harbour Kolby Kås near our summerhouse on the island Samsø.
The fog was rather dense….but not so much that I couldn’t get element of the picture that wasn’t all clear.

On the way to the harbour I made a quick stop at Kolby Mølle to see if I could find a good angle to shoot a foggy picture of it. Since the mill stands alone on a small hill there wasn’t that many options….so only one photo!

ISO 200, 25mm, 1/400 sec and f/2,8

With me I had my old reliable Fujifilm X-T2 and the allround 16-55 f/2,8 Fujinon lens.
After 20 minutes i had the photos i felt i could get out of the morning…much faster than writing this blog post 🙂

On my way back to the summerhouse I went by Vesborg Lighthouse to get a picture I had in mind. A picture with an old tree by the road with the lighthouse in the background
With this photo I ended my foggy morning 🙂

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