35 mm of Samsø

One of the first lenses that Fujifilm made around 8 years ago was the 35mm f/1,4. It has a rather slow autofocus but what it lacks in that area it certainly win back in character.
It has become one of the most iconic Fujifilm lenses…if not the most iconic! Since the introduction in January 2012 photographers around the world have spoken about this special lens and a couple of month ago Fujifilm made a made a tribute video

One of the photographers in the video is the danish Fujifilm ambassador Charlene Winfred. I think that you should visit her web page and check out her photos….they are just great. https://charlenewinfred.com/

I also just love this lens. I use it a lot for my architecture and landscape photography and I think it’s partly because of the character and the focal length. 35mm on a APS-C sensor give you just around 50mm on a FF witch is more or less the equivalent of what we as humans see. The images are razor sharp, even when the aperture is fully open. The dynamic range and contrasts are absolutely stunning.


In the headline I wrote “35mm of Samsø” witch is a reference to the Danish Island of Samsø where we have our summerhouse. This summer, I gave myself the creative obstructions that I only wanted to photograph with the 35mm the 2 weeks we were on the Island.
If you never been on Samsø…..I highly recommend that you visit it. It is very cosy, relaxed and you will find many good restaurants, beaches, flea markets and of course….photo opportunities.

Our summerhouse.
Our summerhouse.

Enough of all the writing….lets see some photos. I will try to divide them up in to themes to create some sort of red line……but all in all this is just a bunch of shots from my holliday 🙂

Black and white

The “score bike”
“Pedestrian street, probably the world’s smallest”

Long exposure

Those that know me and follow my work will know that b/w long exposure photos are a kind of photos that I do a lot of.
And of course I also did some of that during the holiday.

“My tree” on the moor. I have sooo many pictures of that tree


In some of the small villages such as Nordby you will find a big variety of doors…in all colours and shapes….some even with there own hashtag 🙂



Although Samsø is a fairly small Island you will find a great variety of landscapes from moors to oak forests and sandy beaches.


A thing that you will have problems doing on Samsø with a camera is Urbex. There are not many abandoned buildings….but if you are lucky you can find some old farmhouses to explore.

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    1. Kaare 18. september 2020 at 9:05

      Tak Anders 🙂

  1. Mike 28. oktober 2020 at 14:22

    Fantastiske flotte billeder – i alle kategorier!

    Mvh. Mike

    1. Kaare 28. oktober 2020 at 14:50

      Tusind tak Mike 🙂


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