Up the hill!

Those of you that know a bit about Denmark know that this country is a bit flat. But none the less we have a hill (not even the highest) that we call “Sky Mountain”
So Denmark is not the place that you would expect to have a motorsport Hill Climb event.

But we have…oh yes!!

At the only place in Denmark where there are hairpin turns, Munkebjerg, near the town of Vejle i Jutland. Every year on the first sunday of August a lot of classic cars join the Munkebjerg Hill Climb.
It’s a 1800 meters asphalt track with 60 meters increase from the start at the water to the finish at Munkebjerg Hotel.

A bit of history

Hillclimb has a long history behind it. In the childhood of cars, this was the way the factories could show what their vehicles were capable of, and a tradition of international hill racing was already developing around the First World War. During the twenties and thirties, international championships arose, and the big factories built cars specifically for Hillclimb, where the big stars of the time could shine.At that time, the audience went in large crowds to the famous hills, and Hillclimb had status in line with the Grand Prix, then Formula 1. After World War II, Hillclimb has shrunk to a small side discipline in motorsport, so it is quite appropriate that in Denmark it is historical motorsport that has taken up hill climb.


My day at the Hill Climb started at 0730 in the secretariat of the paddock where I got my yellow west that allowed me to walk outside the barrieres on the track. Or as one of the officials said : “With the west you are now allowed to be run over by the racecars….but please don’t! It’s one hell of a job with all the paperwork that follows” 🙂
Due to Covid-19 the photograpers was not allowed to take pictures in the paddock during the day because the max amount of people in the paddock was limited to 100. So I only got pictures from the track it self.
With the west on I walked down the track to I almost reached the no. 3 spot on the map. Here I would start the days shoot of the cars passing under the railway bridge. the race started 0915 with the warm up round and then there would follow 3 heats.

All photos in this post is shot with my old but fine working Fujifilm X-T2 and 2 lenses. The Fujinon XF 50-140mm f/2,8 for shots of cars drivning to or from me (almost all shot on f/2,8) and the Fujinon XF 16-55mm f/2,8 for the pan shots.
I shot almost 1000 photos so I will only show some of the 120 pictures i ended up with. I have tried different edit from station to station so the photos not all look the same.
Hope that you will take a look at them all….at the end there are some special ones 🙂

After the first cars had passed me I walked across the track and found me a high place to shoot the next couple of cars.

The hairpin turn

The 3. stop of the day was at the hairpin turn at point no. 4 on the map. I stood at the inside of the turn up high so I could get some great pan shots of the cars.

Lunch break

It was time for my lunch break…..and something to drink. It was starting to get pretty hot although there was some shadow under the trees.
I went up to a spot between no. 5 and 6. on the map and enjoyed a quick lunch. There I met up with another Fujifilm user Jesper Gregers Bruun. Jesper loves speed…he drives a Ducati motorbike…and Fujifilm.
He didn’t have a photo west….but we could stand at that place together.

Jesper shooting with X-T3 and the 50-140mm

I had noticed that just down the track there was a very dark shadow from the trees and very bright sunshine. So if you exposed after the sunny spot and took the picture when the cars hit the the sun…..the background would turn almost black. I think that gave some interesting pictures.

Last station

The last station that I shot from was just up near no. 6 on the map. Here I again tried some pan shot and what you could call a autumn edit….with some brown colours.
This was not the easiest station to shoot from. For safety reasons I had to stand in the wood and shoot from a distance.

End of the day

This was the end of the day and if you are interested in who won the race…..you can find the results here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1skju2zvsabf1dy/AABVcjiV7dAPAfPta7ZwqusHa/2020-08-09%20-%20Munkebjerg%20Hillclimb?dl=0&preview=Endelig+resultat+-+Generelt.pdf&subfolder_nav_tracking=1

The most interesting cars…..for me….was not the quickest but those that gave the best photos. And those were the oldest ones.
So I tried to make some B/W edits to see if that would work on old cars. I think it did….but have a look for yourself 🙂

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  1. Anders Keis Hansen 17. august 2020 at 20:37

    Super great pictures Kaare, and good background story, Great work!

    1. Kaare 17. august 2020 at 20:58

      Thanks….again Anders 🙂


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