Sharp, or…..?

This short post brings me back exactly 4 years…back to 2016 and Smukfest. Smukfest….or Skanderborg Festivalen as its also known is a music festival in Denmark. It’s taking place in a beech forest in the middle of Jutland in the start of august. But not this year because of Covid-19 so we all just have the memories from the past years.

I got the idea for this post due to a memory I got from the 2016 festival on my Instagram account yesterday.

I had never attended the festival before….and…I had at that time never photographed a concert. I was approached by the then head of the photo team Per Bille who asked if I could be interested in joining the 2016 photo team.
I still remember my answer: “Naaaaaa, I’m not a concert photographer. I need a controlled environment where I can get everything sharp”.
His reply was: “I seen your photos and they are great…and I could use you on the team”
It ended with me taking the challenge and today I’m glad I did….because it changed the way I looked at my own photographic work.

Before the festival and in particular one concert I had been almost obsessed with sharpness in my photos. If a photo wasn’t 110% sharp I would delete it.
No sharpness…no good!!
But I must say that the festival changed that….and as I mentioned earlier there was this one concert. When I edited the pictures from the concert with the Danish rock band Turboweekend with the lead singer Silas Bjerregaard I was blow away. My pictures was not sharp (almost not) but there was something else…..there was so much energy, feelings and atmosphere.
The pictures that you can see below I regard as some of my best ever and I have 4 of them printed and framed on the wall in my study.

So after that concert….when I look at my photos I’m not only looking for sharpness…..I’m also looking energy, feelings and atmosphere.

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