The roadtrip

I sometimes like to take one or more days out of the calendar and go on a road trip around Denmark. Get my brain cleaned out and have full focus on photography. Such a day I took some time ago when my girlfriend was out of the house.
I had set the alarm clock to 0430 …. just half an hour before sunrise. I wanted a trip up the west coast of Jutland. There was no need to get up earlier as there were no obvious sunrise spots on the route.
The route was laid out a bit overall with a few fixed stops along the way and end station at Vigsø Battery (an old bunker complex from World War II.)

Along the way my photo partner Anders Keis (see his great photo blog here) would join and follow along the last part of the day. He shot mostly with analog cameras during the day.

In my photo bag I had my old Fujifilm X-T2 and some lenses but I also had a GFX100 and some G-lenses including the GF 30mm f3,5 witch hadn’t been released at that time (read my review of the 30mm here).

First stop was planned to be Lyngvig Lighthouse but I ended up with quite a few stops before the Lighthouse. When I was driving on the highway i noticed a very interesting light from the sun rising. It was not bright yellow as one could expect….it was more purple. I took the first exit and stopped the car and took a look around. I had some windmills on one side and some trees on the other….but both tings was a bit away from the road. So I took the GFX 100 and the GF 100-200mm f5,6 and stood just outside the car facing west on the first shot and east on the second.

Ringkøbing Fjord

Next stop was just south of the town of Hvide Sande. I saw a sign leading down to a small harbour and decided to have a look. It was a very small harbour with some leisure boats and small fishing vessels.

The photos show some of the small boats at Ringkøbing Fjord and are all done with the GF 30mm f3,5 lens.

Haurvig Church

Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande was not a planned stop but as I passed through the town I noticed some large nets on the “inside”….in Ringkøbing Fjord. Perfect for some long exposure shots. The town are placed on the long stretch of land that separate the Fjord form the North Sea so You can see water on both sides.

First 3 photos taken with GFX100 and the 30mm f3,5 and the last with my X-T2 and the 16-55 f2,8.

On the other side the fishing boats were going out into the North Sea.

Lyngvig Lighthouse

Now I got to Lyngvig and the Lighthouse. A nice area with low rolling sand hills with lyme grass. The Lighthouse was closed due to the corona virus so I only got shots from the outside. But the clouds was not good for long exposure so only snapshots 🙂

Lyngvig Lighthouse is the last in a series of built lighthouses along Jutland’s west coast and in 1906 it throws its characteristic, sweeping light cone over the dune landscape for the first time. The lighthouse rises well in the flat dune landscape, and with its flame height of 53 meters can be seen far away.

Bovbjerg Lighthouse

The next stop was again one of those stop that wasn’t planned. A road sign lead the way to Bovbjerg Lighthouse.

Bovbjerg Lighthouse was built in 1877 as one of the first lighthouses on the west coast. The lighthouse was to guide shipping at a time when there were an awful lot of shipwrecks. It is painted red to avoid confusion with the church towers in the nearby villages. The lighthouse stands on a cliff 41 meters above sea level. The tower itself is 26 meters high. The flame height is 62 m, and the light from the current 300 W halogen lamp through the original Fresnel lens can be seen in clear weather 16 nautical miles from the shore.
There are also some bunkers from WW2.


Now I got to the destination where Anders would join me. He had a small problem with his GPS so I took a 15 minute rest in the car before he came to the right spot. This place have a quit funny name. If you translate it directly from Danish to English it’s name is: Pigs Toe Cape 🙂
A piece of land formed as a pigs toe.

Here you can photograph the small lighthouse and the old iron bridge. I have been here a few times before and done some good long exposure shots here. Unfortunately the clouds wasn’t very good so I only got silky water 🙂


On our way out to the west coast again we stopped at the small town of Hurup to get something to drink and eat…..and to do som architecture photos. In Hurup you find the biggest window factory in Denmark with around 100.000 m2 under roof.

Lodbjerg Lighthouse

The last stop before Vigsø Battery was yet another Lighthouse. This one is called Lodbjerg Lighthouse. It is located alone in the middle of a large heath and plantation area. The lighthouse was built in 1883 and lit for the first time on November 28, 1884. The lighthouse is 35 meters high and the light has a height of 48 meters above sea level.

Vigsø Battery

The last planned stop for the day was Vigsø Battery. It was time to do som long exposure shot of the concrete bunkers in the water and end it all of with a sunset.

When you do landscape photography things do not always goes as planned. And this day was no different.
The sunset never happened…or yes it did but the clouds played us and the sun disappeared down behind some massive clouds so we never got the many colours we where hoping for.

….But the long exposure turned out great!!
I use LEE filters when I do long exposure and I mostly use the 15 stop ND filter (called SuperStopper) so that I can got the 2-4 minutes exposure that i prefere.

This one has a bit of colour from the sun going down.

The last one of the day from Vigsø turned into something from a sci-fi movie or from Mars. I just love how the edit of this photo blends the sand and the water into something surreal.

It was getting late, The sunset was not going to happen so we decided to call it the day and head home. Anders had a 1 hour drive back to his place and a I had 3 hours if i drove directly with no stops.
But when I got to Vilsund Bridge I had to stop to take the last picture of the day.
I ended up home a 0115 o’clock almost 23 hours after I started the trip. A great day with at great photo buddy….and some ok photos 🙂

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